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  • Where to find an N95 or high-filtration mask for Biden's 100-day challenge
    February 1, 2021


    The Biden administration has issued a mask mandate, requiring individuals to wear masks on federal property, and he's encouraging all Americans to wear them in public for 100 days. Face coverings are also required on planes, trains, buses and at airports, renewing...

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  • The face mask that could end the pandemic
    January 23, 2021


    Biden, who calls wearing masks "a patriotic act," signed an executive order Wednesday -- his very first as President -- to ask Americans to wear masks of their choice for the first 100 days of the new administration. The executive...

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  • Assembly Member Seawright Secures 7,000 N95 Masks for Distribution
    December 15, 2020


    New York, NY— Thanks to the donation of a New Jersey-based manufacturer, Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright visited three different medical facilities today to distribute 6,000 N95 masks to high-risk nursing home residents, frontline healthcare workers and patients, as well as...

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  • Jersey-made N95 masks will protect front line in second COVID-19 wave
    October 14, 2020


    Millions of N95 masks now made at a retooled factory in Paterson could help protect frontline workers as a second COVID-19 wave builds in New Jersey. Hospitals still face a shortage of N95 masks, the Centers for Disease Control and...

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  • New Jersey company is manufacturing over 50,000 N95 masks a day
    October 2, 2020


    "When the virus hit the world went into a chaotic tailspin that halted a lot of industries. Instantly we needed to find a way to help," said Evan Shulman, COO of Protective Health Gear. Shulman's company, which specializes in manufacturing...

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